From VA to OBM

How to double your income and work less

We’ll talk about what it’s like to be an OBM and more:

Sharon Broughton

Owner of Sharon Broughton Team and Highly Profitable OBM

Tracey D’Aviero

Owner of CAVA and GAVA

  • What an OBM does for clients
  • How it’s different from a VA
  • How to transition from VA to OBM
  • How to raise your rates and not lose clients (and even shift them to OBM clients)
  • How to share your value with clients so they understand why you charge more

I’m going to be sharing all my tips, tools and knowledge with you on this call.








The webinar is on Tuesday, August 14th at 9 am pacific/12 noon eastern

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Ever wished you had great clients that pay you promptly (and at a premium rate), don’t micro manage you and value your expertise?  You know what I’m talking about! The ones that only want 5 hours and only want to pay $20 an hour. The tire kickers and micro managers that drive you crazy. 

But what if you could work with another type of client. Clients that don’t mind paying more to get things done more quickly and efficiently and have their back! A partner in a sense… someone who is proactive about their business and more.
Sign up for this free webinar and you’ll get tons of suggestions and valuable tools to find those amazing clients that are looking for higher level VAs and OBMs, raise your rates and transition your current clients to OBM clients, learn about the OBM industry, what OBMs do, and how to make more money and work less—all at the same time. And I’ll show you how to show up powerfully and with confidence to get the gig. I’ll even share with you what these clients are looking for and how to provide it!