Are you ready to radically uplevel your VA practice?

Do you want to offer a service that few VAs know how to do?

Do you want to raise your rates and be in high demand?

You could call me an Infusionsoft expert or junkie and I would be the first to admit it (and darn proud of it). The thing is that I have a reputation for taking complicated things and breaking it down into usable chunks. As a trainer, that is really important for my students. Who wants a whole bunch of strategy with no skills to back it up? Now, don’t get me wrong–I totally get the strategy of Infusionsoft but I also get the functionality of it too.

I have been immersed in Infusionsoft for over 8 years now and it really is an amazing tool.

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This class will teach you the following:

  • How to transfer your client’s cart from 1SC to Infusionsoft
  • The differences between 1SC and Infusionsoft so you can advise your client if Infusionsoft is the right program for them
  • Setting up products and membership programs
  • Merchant account and gateway setup
  • Customizing the cart, order forms and web forms
  • Payment plans, returns, refunds and other customer service issues
  • Templates, broadcasting and sending ezines
  • Setting up follow up sequences, action sets, and tags
  • Triggers, declining credit cards, automating processes
  • Affiliate program set up
  • Plug ins, customizing, other programs that integrate with Infusionsoft

Module Descriptions: