How many times have you set goals, tasks, lined up a project, etc., only to find yourself distracted and later disappointed because you left things hanging?

Bill Baren says incomplete projects are the most draining on us. That’s true, don’t you find?

It’s kind of a human nature type thing, according to Bill. So that means it’s really not our fault but we can do something to change it!

Ultimately, focus affects every part of our lives. Sometimes we have some focus in some part of our lives, but it doesn’t last or is hard to maintain.

Many people have the ‘shiny object syndrome’ and then they wonder why they get to the end of the day and haven’t accomplished much. Other folks are accomplishing quite a lot, but would like to be even more productive.

If you knew how to accomplish twice as much in half the time, would you? What difference could that make to your life – your business?

I’m borrowing a great quote from my friend Debera Jensen who is the Focused Success Coach – “It doesn’t really matter how talented or smart a person is, if they can’t bring focus into their lives and businesses, their talents and intelligence are largely wasted.”

Think about it. Focus is your ultimate asset. Unless you can focus on something, you cannot succeed. In fact, the degree to which you can focus is one of the greatest predictors of success.

I’m not saying that people don’t accomplish a lot of things. I’m just saying that I know a lot of people, me included, who are challenged to get all the things we want done, whether that’s on a daily, monthly or yearly basis.

So what do I mean by being focused?

While you might think being focused means managing your time, like your schedule, your appointments, making sure you get the kids picked up, etc. It’s not really that.

Or you might think it means not allowing people to interrupt you when you’re working on a task. Yes, there are elements to focus here, too, but the way to be more productive is wrapped up in something else.

In time-related yes, but… 

It’s the time it takes you to do a task that either results in great output or in you spinning your wheels.

I’m pulling here from a great podcast episode of Bill Baren’s How to Do More, Better, Faster (With Way Less Effort) (episode 65).

Bill quotes Parkinson’s Law that says “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”. Which means that the more time you give yourself to do something, the less focused you’ll be because we inherently find ways to procrastinate, and as Bill says “increase the complexity” of the task.

So when it comes to doing things in your business, are you:

  • waiting too long to get a project started?
  • have difficulty transitioning from one client project to another?
  • thinking you have to have everything done perfectly before lauching a product, sending an email, creating a landing page?
  • procrastinating contacting a potential client?
  • letting your books fall behind?

Bill refers to the fact that when we shorten the timeline for doing a task, we’ll actually find a simpler way to do it! So, we *could* actually get things done in a shorter amount of time, with less hassle! Kinda speaks to the whole “work less” mentality, right?

So I’ll leave you with this great question Bill asked during the podcast: “What’s the most important thing that you’re giving yourself too much time to do?”

Name what that is, then find a way to solve it by becoming more focused!

© 2016 Sharon Broughton